Thursday, June 27, 2019

Solution to acrostic #2

«  Putting a flaccid penis in a condom is like shoving toothpaste back in the tube. I finally managed to corral the beast and did a few jiggles to see if the rubber would stay on. It fell to the floor. My testicles might as well have joined it. Clearly, I wasnt going to place first in this competition. »

Mike Mullane, Riding Rockets

A. Miles away
B. Iciest
C. Killing me softly
D. Ed Mitchell
E. Mavrodaphne
F. Ultimis
G. Laffer curve
H. Law students
I. Androscoggin
J. Nayeff
K. Enlightening
L. Rejoice
M. Itty-bittyiest
N. Dashwood
O. Iliac
P. Not if I can help it
Q. Gutta percha
R. Right foot
S. Opposals
T. Cowden Beath
U. Kit job
V. Ebb tides
W. Too little too late
X. Shenanigans