Saturday, May 29, 2021

Solution to May acrostic

"You're going to stand here, on the side of the road. And we're going to get in our truck, slam the pedal to the floor, and accelerate toward you. If you stay there you'll die a quick death. If you run, we drive to your house and kill your children."

Phil Klay, Missionaries

A. Ponicherry
B. Hot weaher
C. Ivy League
D. Loud hailer
E. Key hook
F. Languedoc
G. Although we...
H. Youthful
I. Mornington Crescent
J. Ideated
K. Sequoia tree
L. Statute of Frauds
M. If you like
N. Outwardly
O. Nodule
P. Adder
Q. Roto-rooter
R. Ignored
S. Earthy
T. Syndication