Monday, September 28, 2020

Acrostic for October


I consider this one pretty easy. Solvers with only average general knowledge ought to write in words F,H,K,N,O and T on the first pass. It's a great quote.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Solution to the September acrostic

"In the early hours of her tenth night at sea the boat wakes her with a new noise. She furls the jib to roughly half its full surface then struggles into her harness, clips on, and goes to the mast to free the main halyard and drops two reefs worth of mainsail into the lazy jacks. The boat slows, quietens."

Andrew Miller, The Crossing

A. At the ninth
B. Nettles
C. Dwayne Johnson
D. Royal Highness
E. Earthwards
F. What hath God wrought?
G. Mawkish
H. If he hollers
I. Lazy jacks
J. La Motte-Piquet-Grenelle
K. Earphones
L. Rations
M. Tattoo art
N. Halfen
O. Et tu Brute
P. Coffee houses
Q. Raffish
R. Offense
S. Siren suit
T. Sideshow Bob
U. In them thar hills
V. Neorealists
W. Gustatory