Sunday, January 3, 2021

Acrostic for January

Solution to the solstice acrostic

 The Booker Prize was from 2020. A delightful book, full of Glasgow dialect.

« The tears were running down her face and pooling on her apron. "But I love ye," she said. Shug pulled the taxi in a sharp arc and parked in a dark corner of the empty car park. He glanced at his watch and then met her eyes again. "Aye, well, take yer knickers off then. I've only got five minutes." »

Douglas Stuart, Shuggie Bain

A. Dick Tracy
B. Omphalocele
C. Underneath
D. Gender neutral
E. Lycanthropy
F. Askance
G. Stark Draper
H. Skew-whiff
I. The Egg And I
J. Up to date
K. Anna Neagle
L. Refinish
M. Telomere
N. Shio
O. Huevos rancheros
P. Uneven
Q. Granny knot
R. Grade three
S. If he...
T. Erstwhile
U. Back in the day
V. Anti-vax
W. Impedes
X. Now, fair Hippolyta...