Monday, January 20, 2020

Acrostic for february

Rather by accident, this one is topical this month.

Solution to the New Year acrostic

"I was twelve years old, and I'd never done Valentine's Day before. I understood Valentine's Day, as a concept. The naked baby shoots you with an arrow and you fall in love. I got that part. But this was my first time being introduced to it as an activity."

Trevor Noah, Born a Crime

A. Then fall, Caesar
B. Rotted away
C. Edward Dutton
D. Visionary
E. Ostend manifesto
F. Rotation by
G. Negociant
H. On that day
I. Await
J. Hasty pudding club
K. Boatswain
L. Opiod
M. Red velvet
N. Naivest
O. Askew
P. Cornelius Vanderbilt
Q. Ravish
R. Intensify
S. Moody Blues
T. Eye teeth

This book is a riot, very funny.Highly recommended