Saturday, December 19, 2020

Solution to the Thanksgiving acrostic

 "I love the atmosphere," my Mother said, tilting her face up to the Sun. That was one thing about my mother, why she was fun, she valued comfort. We never had to stay in museums too long. If we didnt like something, we left and went somewhere else, like a restaurant. She wasn't too strict about discipline.

Mona Simpson, Anywhere But Here

A. Molly Malone
B. Omdurman
C. Now, Voyager
D. Attested
E. Sitting pretty
F. Isthmuses
G. Master of the house
H. Power walk
I. Sheets
J. Oh Calcutta!
K. Niftiest
L. Augment
M. Nephilim
N. Yet without
O. Warning track
P. Hoot owl
Q. Ethane
R. Ravenclaw
S. Etouffee
T. Bloodhounds
U. Unwashed
V. The hindmost
W. Hartebeest
X. Emissive
Y. Refinish
Z. E-Wides

Acrostic for the Solstice

        The quote is from a Booker prizewinner, but I'm obviously not saying from what year.

        I've left more than usual punctuation in the diagram, simply because something about the language makes me think it would be hard to understand the quote without it. There are only a couple of unfamiliar words in the list. Good luck and season's greetings.