Saturday, November 23, 2019

Acrostic for December

I've put this up so that American readers have it in time for Thanksgiving. It doesn't have a turkey theme, but it's good fun anyway.

Solution to the November acrostic

"The unfortunate truth is, rudeness is the human condition. We modern humans are a bunch of grasping, self-involved jerks, same as generations of humans before us. It's just that there are suddenly fewer constraints on our graspy, self-involved jerkhood than ever before."

Amy Alkon, I see rude people

A. Adjutant
B. Minor fifth
C. Young Sheldon
D. Andrew Johnson
E. Lubitsch
F. Kissing off
G. Observant
H. No future
I. Islets of Langerhans
J. Sheriff
K. Eunice Kennedy Shriver
L. Eurostar
M. Redgraves
N. Under threat
O. Drum majorette

P. Enhancement
Q. Possessives
R. Ever so
S. Out West
T. Phantom
U. Labour head
V. Eau

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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Acrostic for November

The quote this month is from a syndicated columnist who offers relationship advice based on ev. psych.