Sunday, May 31, 2020

Acrostic for June

Something vagely topical here...

Solution to the May acrostic

« Each time the train stopped, there was a beat of hope. A destination, any place on earth, was better than being lost in the bottomless night. The doors were thrown back and they saw a snowy countryside. A German soldier was shouting at them. If anyone tries to escape he will be shot. If anyone has died, throw out the body. »

Sebastian Faulks, Charlotte Gray

A. Scotoma
B. Eshel Hanasi
C. Best boy
D. Ash Wednesday
E. Shibboleth
F. Two or three things
G. In the worst way
H. Any which way
I. Natalie Wood
J. Foot width
K. Announcement
L. Understate
M. Land of hope
N. Knotty
O. Sandbag
P. Coppertone
Q. H├ębuterne
R. Assets
S. Raisin
T. Leith
U. Ottomania
V. There there
W. Testament
X. Elbow pad
Y. Gothicise
Z. Regifted
a. Atrophia
b. Years

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