Monday, June 29, 2020

Solution to the June acrostic

[I wrote that this was vaguely topical because of Behnken & Hurley's ride to the ISS aboard SpaceX's Falcon 9. Public interest in astronautics briefly revived.]

« Jim Lovell and Buzz Aldrin closed the Gemini program in November. There was a problem with the radar that was supposed to track the distance to the waiting Agena, but Aldrin wasnt fazed. He had written a major thesis on orbital rendezvous to qualify as an astronaut. With pencil and paper, he worked out what thrusters to fire. »

Piers Bizony, [The] Man Who Ran The Moon

A. Puddle Dock
B. Invigilated
C. Equation
D. Rephrased
E. Saddleworth
F. Baffin snow monsters
G. Imprint
H. Zipcar
I. Ogham
J. New wave

K. Yak butter tea
L. Montparnasse
M. Albert Pujols
N. Nevermore
O. Without a trace
P. Hip bath
Q. On the other hand
R. Raja
S. Austerltz

T. Now is the winter of...
U. Tizi 'n Test
V. Hogwarts

W. Ed Barth
X. Manga

Y. Old as the hills
Z. Outward ace
a. Naturalized