Monday, September 28, 2020

Acrostic for October


I consider this one pretty easy. Solvers with only average general knowledge ought to write in words F,H,K,N,O and T on the first pass. It's a great quote.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Solution to the September acrostic

"In the early hours of her tenth night at sea the boat wakes her with a new noise. She furls the jib to roughly half its full surface then struggles into her harness, clips on, and goes to the mast to free the main halyard and drops two reefs worth of mainsail into the lazy jacks. The boat slows, quietens."

Andrew Miller, The Crossing

A. At the ninth
B. Nettles
C. Dwayne Johnson
D. Royal Highness
E. Earthwards
F. What hath God wrought?
G. Mawkish
H. If he hollers
I. Lazy jacks
J. La Motte-Piquet-Grenelle
K. Earphones
L. Rations
M. Tattoo art
N. Halfen
O. Et tu Brute
P. Coffee houses
Q. Raffish
R. Offense
S. Siren suit
T. Sideshow Bob
U. In them thar hills
V. Neorealists
W. Gustatory

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Solution to the August acrostic

« Someone moved swiftly across the beach and began talking to the little girl. One minute she was there, barefoot and absorbed, spade in hand; seconds later she was taken off the sands at the village of Chapel St. Leonards, apparently without anybody noticing at all. Thus was my mother kidnapped. »

Laura Cumming, Five Days Gone

A. Lakenheath
B. Arbeit Macht Frei
C. Unhealthy obsession
D. Rattlesnake food
E. Attended
F. Cowbells
G. Unhand me
H. Manchester ship canal
I. Mottled
J. Idlewild
K. Neebish Island
L. Gothy
M. Fatwahs
N. If in doubt
P. Epoka
Q. Dyatlov Pass
R. At the post
S. Yawning
T. Sloane Ranger
U. Ghostys
V. Ordem e Progreso
W. Not wanted
X. Etta Place

Monday, July 27, 2020

Acrostic for August

A bit of a beach theme here, appropriate for August.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Full solution to the July acrostic

"You will stumble on secrets. Hidden all over the restaurant, Mexican oregano, as heady as pot. Large tins of Chef's private anchovies from Catalonia hidden behind the bulk olive oil. Quarts of grassy sencha. Ziplock bags of masa, bottles of sriracha. Bars of chocolate slipped between books in the manager's office."

Stephanie Danler, "Sweetbitter"

A. Storyboard
B. Trachoma
C. Essokinesis
D. Pectus excavatum

E. Ham hocks
F. Anton Diffring
G. Nickel Odeon
H. Isobath
I. Efavirenz
J. Doghouse
K. Assassins
L. Nobleman
M. Lefortovo
N. Egg fight
O. Refinable
P. Sternoclavicular
Q. Wolf whistle
R. Ectrodactyly
S. Effortless
T. Torquemadan
U. Breeches bible
V. In bad shape
W. Teashop
X. The Palio
Y. Echolalia
Z. Rapa

I didn't know until I checked word X that it happens in many Italian cities, and not necessarily a horse race. I was used to the Siena version, celebrated twice a year, in which the 17 Contradas of the ancient city compete, ten at a time. The jockeys do not necessarily live in the Contrada they represent.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Partial solution to the July acrostic

These are the really nasty words from the word list:

B. Trachoma
C. Essokinesis
D. Pectus excavatum
I. Efavirenz
P. Sternoclavicular
R. Ectrodactyly

Unfamiliar words in the diagram are: