Friday, January 7, 2022

Acrostic for January 2022

Solution to December acrostic

"When they arrived, the paramedics put a neck brace on Maud then turned her like some precious archaeological find, old as Christ, fragile as ashes. One of the paramedics sat Tim on the back step of the ambulance and explained that he was suffering from shock but that he wasn't to worry because his girlfriend was doing pretty well."

Andrew Miller, The Crossing

A. Airbase
B. Nefaste
C. Damascus sword

D. Rhythm
E. Estate care
F. Where have all the flowers gone?
G. Mount Washington
H. In the house
I. Lithotripsy
J. Lee Iacocca
K. Exhaust manifold
L. Reported speech
M. The pawnbroker
N. Handicraft
O. Effade
P. Christine Keeler
Q. Reattach
R. Offhanded
S. Suprapubic
T. Stickleback
U. Italian wedding soup
V. Nothing, my Lord
W. Gamma bursts