Monday, February 24, 2020

Solution to the February acrostic

How very appropriate, on the very day Harvey Weinstein is getting on the orange jumpsuit, to bring you the solution to acrostic40.

« I hear you rape women she said. Sometimes you have sex with a woman who is not your wife, and theres a disagreement about what has happened, and you just have to write a check to make it go away, Weinstein replied calmly. He would later deny that he heard her mention rape.»

Ronan Farrow, Catch and Kill

A. Rothermere
B. On the other hand
C. New York teams
D. Amphetamine
E. Nehi
F. Famished
G. Awesome
H. Roustabout
I. Rumpus
J. Oh What a Lovely War
K. White whine
L. Ciparis
M. Austenite
N. Tweedledee
O. Chotapeg
P. Haxey Hood
Q. Anaesthesia
R. Nauseous
S. Dewpoint
T. Kathy Najimy
U. Iditarod
V. Lewd vagrancy
W. Leeway