Saturday, December 21, 2019

Acrostic for Christmas and New Year

Like the last one, this has no holiday theme to it, but it's from a hilarious new book by a brilliant entertainer.

MC and HNY to all readers...

Solution to the December acrostic

"Growing up in Los Angeles, my best friend in grade school was this girl named Penny. She was an extrovert, a great kisser, and as I recall, a pretty good gymnast. At recess, she would drag me to the restroom just to watch her take a dump right next to the toilet."

Jen Beagin, Vacuum in the Dark

A. Jessica
B. Espionage
C. New York
D. Bosworth
E. Encampments
F. Asterwort
G. Gammer Gurton's needle
H. Index
I. No story
J. Vortex
K. Asgard
L. Camille Paglia
M. Utterly
N. Ushant
O. Megaflop
P. Into that good night
Q. Nest egg
R. Thursday
S. Heathrow
T. Erstwhile
U. Didact
V. Atheists
W. Rader
X. Kestrels

This book is good fun, telling the story of a house cleaner in Taos.