Monday, March 22, 2021

Spring acrostic

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Solution to the January acrostic

"Even this mornings stroll was a borrowed Steve Jobsian tic. Go for a walk with a co-worker or competitor, coax what you want out of him. Donny was an avid student of tech stardom. Oh, hed just pretended he stalked Amy for some free breakfast, but sure as the sun doth shine he was picking her brain for something."

Helen Schulman Come With Me

A. Hand jive
B. Extrawurst
C. Logarithm
D. Earthworks
E. No bottom
F. Saw palmetto
G. Cow corner
H. Handlebar gears
I. Understood
J. Lesch-Nyhan
K. May the force be with you
L. Arthur's seat
M. Nikki Van Dijk
N. Covers
O. Out of office message
P. Masterwork
Q. Endorphins
R. Watusi
S, Into the Woods
T. The wages of sin is death
U. Habbot
V. Muffin top 
W. Endorsed