Monday, July 5, 2021

Acrostic for July

Solution for June acrostic

"The last thirty minutes of my flight, in retrospect, were a dicey time. At the time I didnt see it that way. First, I was trained to avoid any active intellectual comprehension of disaster. Dwelling on a potential danger, or imagining what might happen. I was also too busy with the tasks at hand."

[Scott] Carpenter, For Spacious Skies

A. Cottingley
B  A matter of trust
C. Rhadamantine
D. Pitter patter
E. Eighteen wheels
F. Not without my...
G. Trash bin
H. Eastwood
I. Raving mad
J. Fast times
K. On with the motley
L. Raisa
M. Snow White
N. Paddling pool
O. Asia
P  Chastity
Q. Indignity
R. One lane
S. Up tight
T. Sweet tea
U. Sacrifice fly
V. Karman line
W. Idiotic
X. Edited
Y. Slavish