Sunday, August 30, 2020

Solution to the August acrostic

« Someone moved swiftly across the beach and began talking to the little girl. One minute she was there, barefoot and absorbed, spade in hand; seconds later she was taken off the sands at the village of Chapel St. Leonards, apparently without anybody noticing at all. Thus was my mother kidnapped. »

Laura Cumming, Five Days Gone

A. Lakenheath
B. Arbeit Macht Frei
C. Unhealthy obsession
D. Rattlesnake food
E. Attended
F. Cowbells
G. Unhand me
H. Manchester ship canal
I. Mottled
J. Idlewild
K. Neebish Island
L. Gothy
M. Fatwahs
N. If in doubt
P. Epoka
Q. Dyatlov Pass
R. At the post
S. Yawning
T. Sloane Ranger
U. Ghostys
V. Ordem e Progreso
W. Not wanted
X. Etta Place