Sunday, September 22, 2019

Solution to the September acrostic

"The people in Europe all had new cars and watches. And green woods and forests. The labels on the clothes had been put on by who they claimed to be, not knocked off in China like ours. The girls were blond and wore short dresses, showing their legs."

Sebastian Faulks, Paris Echo

A. Speech
B. Elbow
C. Bad debt
D. Alpha Blondy
E. Southwest face
F. The kindness of strangers
G. Ingenue
H. Angel
I. No-hitter
J. Forgery
K. Ashdown
L. Underwear
M. Lockwood
N. Knotted
O. Showboat
P. Pina Pellicer
Q. Ash
R. Rest home
S. Indo-chinese
T. Shelled
U. E-News
V. Cloister
W. Hearth
X. On hold

The narrator of this quote is Tariq, an adolescent in Tangier who dreams of a better life in Europe. His adventures when he makes it to Paris are the backbone of this excellent story, weaving historical fact into the fictional lives of Tariq and the feminist historian he comes across.

Summer's all gone, welcome Autumn or Fall, whatever you call it. Look for a new puzzle in October.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Acrostic for September

This one is from a 2018 book that I really enjoyed.