Thursday, September 2, 2021

Acrostic for September


Solution for August acrostic

"When they were lying there afterward, she said "That was pretty intense wasnt it." He told her he always found it pretty intense. "But I mean practically romantic," said Marianne. I think I was starting to have feelings for you at one point. "You just have to repress all that stuff," he said. That's what I do."

Sally Rooney, Normal People

A. Safety first
B. Atticus Finch
C. Lady Godiva
D. Latter day saint
E. Youth hostel
F. Runways
G. Out with it!
H. On The Waterfront
I. Never eat lunch in this town again
J. e-Swatini
K. Yom Hashoah
L. Nightjar
M. One-handed
N. Ratepayer
O. Midwest
P. Arts et M├ętiers
Q. Lip bites
R. Preakness
S. Enthuse at
T. Off white
U. Pleasant
V. Lewdly
W. Either part