Monday, August 19, 2019

Solution to the August acrostic

"In the daily round, it no longer amazed me that I could pass the time of day with a manufactured human, or that it could wash the dishes and converse like anyone else. As Adam blossomed and made me rich, I had ceased to think about him."

Ian McEwan, Machines Like Me

A. Ithaca
B. Aldermaston marches
C. Need you
D. Mahatma
E. Cold duck
F. Eisteddfod
G. Wizened
H. Avonmouth
I. No dice
J. Mellors
K. Anne Hathaway
L. Cathouse
M. Humidor
N. In the south
O. Nothing to it
P. Epithet
Q. Salad Days
R. Liers
S. If...
T. Kindred
U. Euthanasia
V. Mammals
W. Ebbed

"Adam" is a human-appearing robot, who acts with impeccable logic but ultimately disastrous consequences. McEwan seems to be warning of the dangers of AI.