Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Acrostic for August

Solution to July acrostic

 In the late nineteen sixties a beautiful graduate student in archaeology was found murdered, bludgeoned to death. The rumor was she'd been having an affair with her Harvard professor. It started on the dig they were on together in Iran, and when they got back she wouldn't give it up.

[Becky] Cooper— We keep the Dead Close

A. Curds and whey
B. Omentum
C. Out with it
D. Philostrate
E. Euthanasia
F. Ruffian
G. Witwatersrand
H. Evonne Goolagong
I. Kent Heitholt
J. Endured
K. Everywhere
L. Phishing
M. Thoreau
N. Hard drive
O. Exhausted
P. Dithering
Q. End of the bed
R. Are belong to us
S. Different
T. Cantina
U. Latter Day Saints
V. Oh Be
W. Swaged
X. Ear tube