Monday, April 4, 2022

Solution for January acrostic

"I quickly write up the tagging of the three terns and then open the tracking software with a lungful of air I'm too nervous to let out. The sight of the blinking red lights melts me with relief. I've had no idea if this could work, but here they are, three little birds that will fly south for the winter and, if everything goes to plan, take me with them."

Charlotte McConaghy, Migrations

A. Chestnut
B. Hideous Kinky
C. Avert
D. Rube Goldberg
E. Lighthousemen
F. Off The Road
G. Trippingly
H. Twist-off
I. Ethel Waters
J. Mute inglorious Milton
K. Chitterling
L. Cattle grid
M. Off the wall
N. Neither a borrower
O. Attitude
P. Get off the shed
Q. Halfwit
R. Yet within a month
S. Make love
T. I Like It Here
U. Ghost train
V. Revet
W. Ankh
X. The Elephant Queen
Y. Ifs
Z. Out with it
a. Night
b. Shrewdly

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