Sunday, March 22, 2020

Solution to the March acrostic

"There is no limit to what the middle-aged mother will do in the holy crusade against ruffians like me. Mummy and I took just one quick look at each other and from then on the age of chivalry was dead. I knew that, to protect her innocent young, she wouldn't hesitate to cheat, lie, bully and blackmail."

John Osborne. Look Back in Anger

A. Jenna Fischer
B. Out of luck
C. "He has killed me, Mother"
D. Nettle
E. Other than that
F. Smarmy
G. Bottom line
H. Own thing
I. Radical
J. New Statesman
K. Eideladha
L. Lucy Davis
M. Oddly enough
N. Opine
O. Kidneys
P. Back to the future
Q. Adhere to
R. Calanque
S. Kicked out of
T. Ill met
U. No whit
V. Atwood
W. Not home
X. Gather lilacs
Y. Eighty-two
Z. Rimini

Another example of a slight cheat on my part. I inserted the word "just" which is not in the original text. I had to have a J.

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